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Believe It. Live it. Share It.

Divinely inspired jewelry for your lifestyle

Whether at work or leisure, The Great One Divine™ jewelry collection will compliment your style. A beautiful, subtle symbol of your faith, Great One Divine™ is perfect for ordinary days or memorable events. Celebrate the God you love and the life you live with Great One Divine™ jewelry.



Thanks Tracy Zeller. I saved up my money for almost one year to buy my new necklace. And I really really like it. Thanks for the card you sent me.


I love the beautiful simplicity of the design and even more so what it stands for.


It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is a beautiful testimony of my faith. There is one Great One Divine and I’m thankful for a personal relationship with Him.


Great way to display your faith! Beautiful!


Many Thanks the Great One Divine Team. My sister received her shipment yesterday and was blown away with your product , story and meaning. She is very involved in her church and other churches in Virginia so will be a great advocate for your product.

Sandy L.
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