The Ritz-Carlton hotel is famous for its plush towels, large swimming pools, and comfortable beds … things we have all missed this past year – the year of the pandemic!  While all these things are important for a pleasant stay at the Ritz, this is not what makes them a “five-star” hotel.   The Ritz has determined to follow a simple principle: make the guest feel valued and exceed expectations.  They franchised a policy called the 10/5 Way … their not-so-secret secret ingredient!  And that’s what people really missed the past year.

The 10/5 Way is really simple – if a guest walks by a Ritz employee within 10 feet, the employee makes eye contact and smiles.  If that guest walks within 5 feet, the employee says “Hello.”

It sounds pretty simple, but research shows these small changes can have a huge impact on a person’s experience.  And why wouldn’t it?  It is one of our deepest needs – to know we have value!  What an easy way to show someone they have value – simply acknowledge them.

The year of the pandemic has affected everyone.  Some of us have gotten a “little rusty” when it comes to relationships – social distancing and masks have caused some unexpected consequences. Smiles, making eye contact, and saying hello are habits that may not feel quite as natural as they used to.

The Ritz-Carlton is onto something, and it seems like a great place to start for those of us who are a little rusty when it comes to getting back out there!


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